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Whom We Serve

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Small businesses usually have a small team of people working in a particular niche. In addition to focusing on the growth and expansion of the business, it is tough to maintain bookkeeping and accounting work simultaneously. In today’s era of throat cutting competition, not having a clean and strong financial record can affect the growth of the business, and hiring an in-house person requires additional cost. This is where we come to rescue. Partnering with Count Business Solutions will not only give small businesses assurance of good work but saving on their budget as well. We have special packages for small businesses which cover their all bookkeeping and accounting needs at minimal price. We cater them throughout their journey from small business to becoming a big firm.
Health Care Industrialists

In today’s time, health care industry is one of the most fast paced growing industry and their work has increased immensely. With more and more expansion of work, many industrialists have partnered with outsourcing companies for bookkeeping and accounting assistance along with variety of back office services. From budget planning to payroll management staff, we cater them with our services. With a high client satisfaction rate, we can work with health care industrialists to trust us for good financial management. We would like to be a proud partner of their success story. An assured, constant growth is on their way as they thrive for good health care services and we take care of all the financial complexities.
Limited Company

As it is said, ‘with big power comes bigger responsibilities’, same is the case with most of the big ventures. With thousands of transactions happening every day, their financial management requires more human resources as well. Hiring a team of good and knowledgeable bookkeepers and accountants costs a lot while they can outsource their bookkeeping and accounting needs to Count Business Solutions and save on their budget. We have an experienced team, specialised for bookkeeping, accounting, payroll & planning of big ventures. Each limited company with us has been assigned a team which works dedicatedly and exclusively. From daily bookkeeping to VAT assessments and tax returns; from payroll management to financial advice, from budgeting to any other accounting work, we offer with a complete range of back office services.
IT Businesses

IT businesses are the demand of time. With each day passing more and more, IT businesses are opening and smaller ones are turning into a hub. As every business is making an online presence now, the workload on IT companies is increasing. IT companies working with us are growing as we take care of their back office process, especially bookkeeping, accounting, VAT, payroll, etc. From bookkeeping of day to day expenses of the company, to filing tax returns; from payroll to financial advice, we have got their back for every financial activity. With COUNT as a back up, all they do is coding, coding & coding.
E-Commerce Business

Ecommerce has become an essential part of everyone’s life now. Be it a small business or giant online platform, ecommerce has grown day by day. With increasing orders per day, COUNT help them ease their load by taking care of financial records and help with the reconciliations in several aspects of their business functions.

For Restaurants, up to date books plays a vital role to take informed decisions. Additionally, timely and accurate financial reports provided consistently makes sense to keep the momentum going. Be it a start-up restaurant, or a flourishing international chain, all restaurants need efficient Accounting & reporting for management of funds and in order to turn a viable profit. You can count on COUNT to swoop in and save the day. We offer specialized restaurant bookkeeping and accounting services to keep your books in order and help you to maximize on profits without compromising on quality. Our team here at Count has immense experience with efficient reporting.

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